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RAW Artists: Revolution

RAW Artists Boston presents their REVOLUTION Show, featuring films and print work by Geena Matuson. You can support Geena and her work by purchasing a ticket direct from her artist link beside the words ‘I AM RAW’ on the RAW website. All unsold tickets must be purchased by artists before mid-May, so buy your ticket today!

Location: Rumor @ 100 Warrenton Street, Boston MA, 02116
Date: May 18, 7-11pm
Attire: Cocktail Attire


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My Nose, Some Shows + The Future…

Well, I just had much-needed, bilateral sinus surgery! I’ve had awful nose problems due to chronic sinusitis my whole life. 4 years ago I began my journey - an old ENT recommended, and performed, turbinate surgery. That did not do much. Finally, this past fall, I went to a new ENT. Based on my scans, my deviated septum allowed me to breathe just about 30% through my right nostril. So, I had surgery to correct my deviated septum, and further turbinate reduction. It was a success! But sadly, my sinusitis spread rapidly thereafter, and caused more nose problems. And so, last week, I had bilateral sinus surgery! No packing up my nose, I could breathe immediately - and better than I’ve been able to breathe my whole life! My boyfriend even said that when I blow my nose, it sounds wider. My blow sounds wider.

As I take it slow and heal for another few weeks, I’m also preparing for my show at Boston’s RAW Artist Showcase ‘REVOLUTION’ at Rumor on May 18th! I will be showing 2 short films, and selling art prints of my work! You can check out what I have to sell in my online shop, too. You can support me and my work by purchasing a ticket direct from my artist link beside the words ‘I AM RAW’ on my RAW artist profile. All unsold tickets must be purchased by the artist (me) to save my spot one week prior to the show, so please BUY YOUR TICKETS BEFORE MAY 11th!

I also got into the MassArt Made Spring Sale, held May 4-10 at Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston - just in time for Mother’s Day shopping! I’ll be selling art prints, which you can also see in my online shop!

I am feeling good about the future, the thought of my ‘big plans’ actually lifting weight off my shoulders - you know, the weight of being a ‘freelance’ artist. Yeah, I’m an optimist - and I’m also a realist. Though I love working on films in all aspects, it is not my passion. Don’t get me wrong - I am happy and comforted to know that with my degree and experience, I can nab a job in ‘my field,’ and I am flattered when other filmmakers whom I respect tell me they would love to work with me again, or that I could make it in the industry.

But what truly makes me happy is writing.I call myself a writer because that’s what I am - I write and edit, screenplays and short stories, poems and books. My writing has appeared in several films other than my own, and I won an essay contest for ‘Colleges of the Fenway’ last year - you can check out my CV for more. But truly marketed, printed on paper, published by a big name? I have not.

In high school I wrote a book, finished my freshman year in college. It’s about 300 pages, and I plan to rewrite it. I have over 200 short stories currently typed, and am wading through over 15 notebooks and folders of loose paper with the help of Dragon Dictate, so I can get all of my writing in one place - and then, simply putting together a book or two of selected short stories from my documents. Haha, ‘simply,’ like it’s so easy to compile, read, re-read twenty times, edit and send your work to a publisher. And then, there’s getting published, which would be nice to do before I’m 28 - that’s a good number.

I think it was last month, I had a conversation with someone about how strange it is that someone would focus their studies on, and get a degree in, a field that is not their passion. And then, their passions go untouched, and when they finally return to their passion, they still know as little about it as they did to begin with. Well, hi - do I know anything about publishing? Nope. I’m that person.

This year, though I will work on films and other artistic endeavors here and there, I will spend my time learning about publishing, and will focus on finalizing my many, many works and prepare them for publication. (Or at least, sending them around.) On top of that, I have a number of short stories that I want to illustrate, and turn into an ‘adult children’s book’ of sorts - you know, like those books you see at Urban Outfitters, Newbury Comics and stuff. So, I’m looking forward to the next several months.

Oh and I’m still learning French. That’s still happening.

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What happens when a ‘robber’ wants a ride to the bank? ‘The Robber’ follows a young man as he heads home for the night – but he is ‘taken for a ride’ by a robber…

2013 / Boston Local Student Spotlight, Filmshift Festival, Somerville Theatre (Somerville MA)
2013 / Official Selection, Filmshift Festival, Somerville Theatre (Somerville MA)
2012 / Get Your Shoot Together, Massachusetts College of Art (Boston MA)


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